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"What's Shinin' my CoStars? SiStars and BroStars! The more You Grow, the more our Whole Constellation Glows, Star!"

Khaiim the RapOet here - Welcome to my show! Let's feed the Poetry in your life and let it grow. (Feed the Poet Tree in your life and let it grow.)

If you're new here, follow the arrow to the right and enter your info, so I can send you updates and opportunities only available to my peeps! Plus, I'll respond to your messages before everyone else's. I'll get to know you better.

Thank you for helping me shine as bright as I can, reflecting the most healthy image of Hip-Hop, Blackness, Peace, Love, Unity, and... Havin' Fun! The more I see you leaving positive comments when I post events, music, and workshops, the more I reflect that energy to the rest of the world through poetic rap lyrics! When you shine, I shine, just like the Stars* in a constellation!

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    My new album "Self Control" is on the way! There will be Physical copies, listening parties, and live performances (available solo and with the band).

    Join the mailing list now (put your name and email in the upper right corner), so you can get it before the public release, get specific details on live events and locations, suggest tour stops, and bring me to your college, club, or city! For Booking, send a message here

    Spots & Dates

    4/6 12th International HipHop Fest First Day Trinity College Hartford, CT
    4/9 12th International HipHop Fest Last Day Trinity College Hartford, CT
    5/6 Samba Fest Trinity College Hartford, CT
    5/9 Hosting YAI 2017 Showcase Charter Oak Cultural Center, CT
    5/20 "Self Control" Album Release www.RAPOET.com
    5/23 with Tang $auce Shrine New York, NY
    5/31 Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Hartford
    5/31 Art in the Park Manchester 2017 Manchester
    6/3 Kizomba Liberal Arts Fest Passages Gallery Hartford, CT
    6/4 Global HipHop Studies First Day Trinity College
    6/6 Kizomba Dance, Open Mic, & Video Shoot Passages Gallery
    6/15 Gold Momentum Asheville, NC
    6/23 6-8pm FREE! Major Outdoor Live Concert 24 Francis Ave, Hartford, CT
    6/26 Freedom School Hartford, CT
    6/27 Freedom School Hartford, CT
    6/27 with Tang $auce Shrine New York, NY
    7/7 Magee's Camera presents Comunidad... Recreative MD (Washington DC area)
    7/13 Global HipHop Studies Last Day Trinity College
    7/24 RapOetry Workshop Residency First Day New Britain, CT
    8/4 6-8pm FREE! Major Outdoor Live Concert 24 Francis Ave, Hartford, CT
    8/11 RapOetry Workshop Residency Last Day New Britain, CT
    9/3 Back to School Block Party! Trinity College Hartford, CT
    10/12 Central CT State University New Britain, CT



    Use this form to reach the RapOet for Press, Collaboration, or Booking. Fees are negotiable based on advance notice, number of events, location, etc. In addition to subsidizing Arts Education organizations in the Tri-State, the RapOet does 1 free event every month.

    You may also reach the RapOet through Twitter, Instagram, or FB Page. If this is your first time, you can get through faster by @mentioning him on Twitter, or leave a voice message at 866-282-1452




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